Bailey Island area in shock after fatal shark attack

The Bailey Island area remains in shock, after a New York female was killed in an uncommon terrific white shark strike Monday.

Island residents say they never ever would’ve anticipated anything such as this to occur in the waters off the coast of Harpswell. Rescue kayakers who were on scene Monday say the woman was struck concerning 60 feet from the shore.

The owners of H2 Outfitters leased a tandem kayak to the couple that pulled 63-year-old Julie Holowach to shore.

” They simply naturally, due to the fact that they listened to cries for aid, entered the kayak and also paddled over,” H2 Outfitters Co-owner Cathy Piffath claimed.

” Individuals who went out there to rescue were truly courageous, in my opinion,” H2 Outfitters Co-owner Jeff Cooper stated.

They claim one person held her head over water while the various other paddled.

” As well as they got the body out of the water, as opposed to just letting it rest there,” Cooper said. “It was quite, rather extreme.”

They state Holowach wasn’t doing anything uncommon.

“These are 2 individuals that live below, that swim below everyday in the summer as well as were appreciating themselves,” Cooper stated.

Joanna Spano has stayed in the area for six years. She was stunned when she heard what took place.

“It’s Bailey Island, Maine as well as you don’t really see that type of a thing below, everybody understands each other, so it’s just really, actually sad,” Spano said.

“My daddy’s a lobsterman, and I have actually been on the water my entire life as well as I’ve never ever come across anything like that happening,” Cook’s Lobster House Waitress Haila Munsey stated.

Jetty Supervisor Mile Gaudet says some of his anglers understood the Holowach household.

“I do not think they were initially from Maine, yet they have actually been right here for a couple of years,” Gaudet claimed.

“It’s really frightening and really unfavorable, I really feel actually dreadful for the household and can’t picture what it’s like,” Haila stated.

Holowach served on the board of Sea Bags. A man who works at Orr’s Bailey Yacht Club declined to go on cam, however stated via rips that she was a really active and loved participant of the club and also community.

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