Korean netizens react to BLACKPINK’s initial collection of concept photos for their comeback

Oriental netizens are thrilled beyond belief after the launch of BLACKPINK’s very first collection of concept intro photos.

The group just recently made a splash after introducing a collection of impactful pictures that guarantee an upgraded appearance as well as idea from the highly popular idols.

A recent neighborhood blog post exposed that numerous netizens are reacting excitedly to the new visuals, mentioning:

” I like this so much.”

” Wow, this came out so well. Like a fashion photoshoot.”

” I’m eagerly anticipating this a lot.”

” They’re so amazing.”

” I can actually scent a hit currently … daebak.”.

” They was successful in piquing my interest.”.

” Is the last one Jennie? She looks impressive.”.

” I believe this idea is so amazing.”.

” The feelings exist.”.

Are you excited for BLACKPINK’s resurgence?

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